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Friday, November 14

7:45pm Bolshe Vita (feature film directed by Ibolya Fekete, 1996, Hungary. 100 min.)

9:30pm Q&A about the film with Jason Wittenberg (UC Berkeley), moderated by Réka Pigniczky and Steven Kovács


Saturday, November 15

6:30pm Reception and welcome remarks at the ongoing photography exhibit outside Coppola Theater (Witness to Change: Piroska Nagy’s photos of Hungary 1988-1990).

7:30pm Coming Out (feature film by Dénes Orosz, 2013, 96 min.)

9pm Q & A with the film’s director, Dénes Orosz and actor Sándor Csányi


Sunday, November 16

4 – 5pm  Selection of Short Films

Soft Rain/ Lágy Eső (dir. Dénes Nagy, 2013, 28 min.)

Carry me away/ Együtt (dir. Cristina Grosan, 2013, 14 min.)

Tourist/ Turiszt  (dir. Sonja Szabó, 2012, 15 min.)

5:15pm Another Hungary: The Life of a Village/ Másik Magyarorzság (documentary by Dénes Nagy, 2013, 51 min.)

6:30pm The Ambassador to Bern/ A Berni Követ (feature film by Attila Szász, 2014, 75 min.)


Friday, November 21

4:30pm Heavenly Shift/ Isteni Műszak (feature film by Márk Bodzsár, 2013, 106 min.)

6:30-7pm Q and A with the film’s director, Márk Bodzsár

7-7:30pm Reception

7:30pm Kubala: Hungarians for Barca/ Magyarok a Barcáért  (documentary by Tibor Kocsis, 2014, 90 min.)

9-10pm Q and A with the film’s director Tibor Kocsis


Saturday, November 22

9-10:30am Selection of Short Films

The Wall/ A Fal (dir. Simon Szabó, 2014, 10 min.)

Meldrum House (dir. Attila Árpa, 2014, 15 min.)

My Guide/ Újratervezés (dir. Barnabás Tóth, 2013, 12 min.)

Execution/ Kivégzés (dir. 13:30 min.)

Provincia (dir. Kárpáti György Mór, 2014, 21min.)

Rabbit and Deer/ Nyuszi és Őz (animation short directed by Péter Vácz, 2013, 16 min.)

Aqua (short film by Dávid Spáh, 2007, 10 min.) followed by Q and A with producer and co-scriptwriter Éva Homor

10:30-11am Q and A with Réka Pigniczky and Steven Kovács

11:15-12:30pm Overdose (documentary by Ferenczi Gábor, 2014, 72 min.)

12:30-1pm Q and A with Réka Pigniczky and Steven Kovács

1-2pm Break

2pm Couch Surf (feature film by Zsombor Dyga, 2014, 84 min.)

3:30pm The Square / A Tér (documentary by Lívia Gyarmathy, 2013, 52 minutes)

5-6pm Reception

6pm Men with Balls/ Besence Open (documentary by Kristóf Kovács,2014, 52min. )

7pm Q and A with the director Kristóf Kovács and producer Judit Stalter

8pm Black Soup/ Fekete Leves (feature film by Erik Novák, 2014, 93 min.)

9:30pm Q and A with actor András B. Vágvölgyi

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