Director: Gábor Hörcher

Script: Gábor Hörcher, Gergö Nagy V.

Director of Photography: Kristóf Becsey

Sound designer: Zoltán Vadon

Editing: Thomas Ernst

Producer: ELTE Filmszak – László Hartai, Laokoon Filmgroup – Gábor Rajna, Gábor Sipos

Creativ Producer: György Pálos

Co-porducers: KraatsFilm – Marcell Iványi, Gábor Hörcher

2014, short, 15 min.



Best Hungarian Short Fiction Film Prize – Mediawave Film Festival 2015

Best Performance – Budapest Short Film Festival 2015

Visegrad Fund Special Prize – Budapest Short Film Festival 2015


The protagonist in the documentary “Drifter” gets a chance to act in a fiction film. Ricsi’s friends have organized a farewell party the night before he leaves. But it is his mother who is packing for the trip, not Ricsi.

Screening: Friday, November 13. 4:30pm – 4:45pm — Q&A via Skype with director Gábor Hörcher

with English subtitles / Admission is free / Seating is limited

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