Director:  Török Ferenc

Screenplay: Szekér András

Director of Photograpy: Szecsanov Martin

Producer: Sándor Pál

Editor: Richter Nóra

Cast:   Jakab Juli Mohai Tamás Bánfalvi Eszter Schell Judit Stohl András Thuróczy Szabolcs Margitai Ági Gera Marina

2014, Feature, 93 min.

Vera is a cab driver who has been saving up for years to buy a house and settle on No Man’s Island in the Pacific to escape from the world in which she lives. Zoli has what it takes to become a professional basketball player, but beats a cowardly retreat from his own talent. These two youngsters, each on the run, are joined by Mia, the runaway bride. Their three lives clash and intermingle as they journey towards an unexpected solution. It is a modern fairy tale about young people in search of true happiness who, through Mia’s ethereal purity, come to accept themselves and find a way to realize their dreams.

Screening: Saturday, November 14. 2:15pm – 4:30pm

with English subtitles / Admission is free / Seating is limited

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