Director: Erik Novák
Screenplay: Erik Novák, Viktor Nagy, Zoltán Perjés
Director of photography: Balázs Dobóczi
Editor: Mano Csillag
Producer: Daniel Kresmery, Csanád Darvas
Production company: Krez Film
Cast: Zoltán Perjés, Zsolt Nagy, Simon Szabó, Hermina Fátyol, Gábor Máté, Zoltán Herczeg, András B. Vágvölgyi

( 2014, feature, digital, colour, 93 min.)

An aging DJ living the high life with his dad’s money loses big one night in an undeground casino club. With his options running out, he convinces his best friend in an asylum to assemble a group of misfits for an armored car robbery. The easy heist has consequences that none of them even dared to expect.

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