Producer-director-cinematographer: Tibor Kocsis

Screenplay by: András Dezső Horváth, Tibor Kocsis

Consultant: Antal Dunai, Krisztián Varró, János Varga

Production manager: Emőke Konecsny

Production company: Flora Film International


(2014, documentary, 85 min.)

FC Barcelona are the world’s most successful and popular football club.
The motto of Barca „More than a club.” is certainly true, it is a woldwide brand with tens of millions of fans. Few know though that the successes of today were established in a past in which brilliant Hungarian players played an eminent role. The documentary tells the story of the Hungarian heroes of Barcelona the „goalmaker” Kubala, „ragdoll legged” Czibor, „The Golden Head” Kocsis and the almost forgotten Berkessy and Plattkó.
The film first presents the founding decades of FC Barcelona’s century long history. Ferenc Plattkó was the goalkeeper of the Catalan club between 1923-1930, and was also a Hungarian fans favourite before he emigrated. László Kubala joined the club after epic adventures in 1950 and became Barcelona’s brightest star. 1956 has changed the history of Hungarian football forever. Several legends of the Golden Team emigrated. Whereas Puskás joined Ral Madrid, the leftback Zoltán Czibor and the striker Sándor Kocsis signed for Barcelona. The „ragdoll legged” Czibor nicknamed „the crazy bird” in Spain became a favourite of the Spanish, while the restrained, elegant Kocsis became known as the „The Golden Head” all over Catalonia within a few weeks due to his legendary headers.
Watching the documentary viewers are not going to be surprised anymore learning that a poem about a Hungarian goalkeeper is part of the Spanish curriculum and that a two metre bronze statue of a Hungarian player faces those entering Europe’s biggest stadium.

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